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Jarrow FC Jaguars 0 - 3 NSG Atheltic

Home | 10 February 2018

Away match started with a windy & chilly day.

From the Jags’ kick off, they went straight up field & should have scored, but only for shot to miss the mark.

Both teams not really making much dominance, passing a bit wayward at times.

NSG then put a few passes together, no tackle form the Jags team, 1-0 home team.

From the resulting kick off, Jags again should have equalised, only for some reason, a sight on the goal is not being taken.

Again, passing is not really of any dominance by either team, only for home team to break down the flank & get into the box, to which the home team winger was brought down, penalty to NSG.

Penalty was taken, nicely hit, but for Jags keeper ( James ) to save to his right, and put the ball out for a corner.   

Still game can go either way, midway through the first half, NSG break again, an again, no real athorative attempt to get the ball, to which results in home team going 2-0 up.

Jags kick off, and again, should have halved the deficit, but again, not shooting when a sight of the goal is in front on them.

Half time approaches, NSG get the ball, and shot on goal is taken, only for a slight deflection to take it past Jags keeper, 3-0 home team.

Second half is basically the same as first half, no team making a real dominance, ball being passed to each other with no real chances to make a goal.

Game ends with another defeat, albeit not as heavy defeat as with previous weeks.

Summarising the day, Jags need to make chances count, to which it will result in win soon.      


Opposing manager gave Jags keeper ( James ) his man of the match award.